A little bit about moi.......



Firstly I'm a mum of two amazing little people, born just 18 months apart (yes, I know I was brave, well this is what complete strangers on the street tell me on a regular basis for some strange reason) but apart from not getting much sleep, like EVER, I'm enjoying the motherhood journey and I'm so grateful to have got off the high flying corporate ladder to be able to combine my love for capturing precious moments whilst raising my own family whilst they're so little.  

Apart from being a nurse, doctor or brain surgeon (I'm not good with blood).  I don't think I could have picked a more rewarding job.  I love to help my families make memories and create images that remain treasured for years, if not decades to come!  It's a real honour to be able to stop time, even if it is just for a split second. 

Photography for me isn't just about capturing images though.  The relationships I form with my clients are just as important as I'm aware I'm in a very privileged position to be working with their most treasured possessions - their families and its also important for me to get everyone feeling as comfortable as possible in front of the camera (even the dad's/husbands who have very often been dragged along report back that "actually that wasn't too bad")

I spend just about every spare moment, studying, practising and spending a fortune on new kit, gadgets and props which I assure my husband are all absolutely necessary! So do book a session with me before I bankrupt our family on photography goods and we're all eating beans on toast for dinner forever! 

Natalie xx